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Office visit starting at $80
Office visit starting at $80

Author Archives: Louise Savoie

Top 5 Skin Issues of Women and their Causes

Women and their skin are like best friends. Even beyond the gender barrier, taking care of one’s skin remains a highlight for people who want to ensure good health and proper hygiene. For most women, however, taking care of their skin is tantamount to an overall appearance of beauty. As a family clinic in Arlington, … Continue reading

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7 Preventive Measures Against Hypertension

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure is one of the many conditions that doesn’t necessarily present any symptoms. But, isn’t that actually a good thing since you won’t be hindered by it? Well, not quite. In fact, its lack of observable symptoms makes it more fatal. Think about it for a second. The absence … Continue reading

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Skin Care Secrets: 3 Anti-Aging Tips That You Should Never Forget

Aging is a normal part of life and with it, comes physical changes. One of the most visible changes that come with aging is how it affects your skin. In fact, did you know that your skin’s appearance can change as early as your 30th birthday? While there are certain factors that you can’t control … Continue reading

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6 Tips: How Your Teenager Can Care for Their Skin

Becoming a teen is an inevitable part of our life’s journey. With this stage of life, we get to experience various changes in our body. And one of the obvious and horrible parts of it is having acne. Because you are already a blooming teenager, you need to be briefed on how to care for … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Skin Health

We can never stress enough about the importance of our skin health. Do you want your skin to look healthy, radiant, and beautiful? Take care of it. There are times when you take your skin for granted because you’re young and have other priorities that are more important to you. But then, think about it … Continue reading

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