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Office visit starting at $80
Office visit starting at $80


Six Reasons Why Your Baby Needs to Take Their Immunization

As a parent, it is hard to see your children get sick. If you could only take their place, you would definitely do it in a heartbeat. But do you know that most illnesses can be prevented and there is actually a way to lessen the risks of your kids getting it? That is through … Continue reading

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5 Factors that Contribute to Fast Skin-Aging

As our age increases, our bodies undergo certain changes. Wrinkles and gray hairs are two of the common vivid physical signs that show we are aging. However, there are numerous factors that contribute to how we age faster. Air pollution. Our environment is the greatest factor that contributes to fast skin-aging. Air pollution has a … Continue reading

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Tips to Avoid Premature Aging Skin

Beauty indeed runs skin deep. However, it is still important that we take care of what’s outside. Our skin needs all the tender love and care it needs as it experiences harshness every day. Once you hit a certain age, it is very important to consider the long-term benefits of skin care. It’s no fuss … Continue reading

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