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Six Reasons Why Your Baby Needs to Take Their Immunization

Six Reasons Why Your Baby Needs to Take Their Immunization

As a parent, it is hard to see your children get sick. If you could only take their place, you would definitely do it in a heartbeat. But do you know that most illnesses can be prevented and there is actually a way to lessen the risks of your kids getting it? That is through immunization.

To encourage you to get your little ones have their shot, Treat Now Family Clinic, a Medical Clinic in Texas lays down the benefits of immunization. Continue reading to find out what these are.

1. It saves your child’s life.
In the past, polio was considered as the most feared disease in the United States. It has caused thousands of deaths. But today, because of polio vaccines, it has been significantly eradicated. In fact, there are no current cases of polio. The same goes true for other preventable life-threatening diseases, like German measles.

2. It protects all parts of your child’s body.
There are certain diseases that can cause permanent damage to your child’s body. A good example is a meningococcal disease. This can cause kidney and brain damage, deafness, and loss of limbs. The good news is that there is an available vaccine for this.

3. It safeguards other people’s health and well-being.
There are people who have low immune system. Take seniors as an example. Because of their weak immune system, they are more likely to get contaminated with contagious diseases, the same goes true for other babies as well. Immunization does not only keep your youngster protected. It also secures the health of others as well.

4. It cost a lot cheaper than buying treatments.
They say that prevention is better than cure. Well, may we add that it costs a lot cheaper too? Vaccines can prevent the piling up of bills due to prescribed medications, hospitalizations, and expenses for disability care services.

5. It is safe and effective.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccines are only given to children after a careful deliberation by scientists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. Although your child may experience low fever and discomfort after getting their shot, these side effects are only minimal compared to the symptoms they would have experienced if they contracted an illness.

6. It serves as a long-term protection.
Immunization does not only benefit your child in the present but also in the future. As your little ones grow, they are more exposed to germs, which can cause diseases. There are available vaccines that guard them against these germs.

Ezekiel Emanuel once commented, “Vaccines are the most cost-effective healthcare interventions there are. A dollar spent on a childhood vaccination not only helps save a life, but greatly reduces spending on future healthcare.” Protect your baby’s life now. Treat Now Family Clinic, provides pediatric services, like immunization. For an appointment, contact 817-633-3400.

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